Will My Implant Look Like My Natural Teeth? 

You’ve just found out that you need an implant in Sarasota, and you have questions. That’s only natural! Implants are one of the most effective and desirable type of prosthetic teeth available today. Many people worry that their implants won’t look like their other teeth. You have nothing to be concerned about! Here’s what you need to know about how implants look.

Implants Look Like Natural Teeth

Implants are designed to look just like your other teeth. Everything from the creation of dental implants to the installation of the implants can help with this process.

For starters, your dental implant will be made from a mold that’s taken from your natural teeth. This helps ensure that the implant will match the shape and character of your teeth, and also helps ensure that your new tooth will fit perfectly in the space provided.

This isn’t the only reason that your implants will look completely natural. In addition to the fact that the shape and appearance of your implant is based on the shape of your natural teeth, your implant will be a permanent part of your body once it’s fully installed – just like your other teeth.

Implants Behave Like Natural Teeth

The implant is held in place by a post that’s surgically installed in your jaw. Only once the post has been fused with your jaw will the crown, also known as the prosthesis, be installed. This is different from other prosthetic teeth because implants can’t be removed.

For this reason, implants behave like natural teeth. Unlike dentures, they stay in your mouth 24 hours per day. Implants are not removed to be cleaned, nor can they slide around in your mouth when you chew or speak.

Implants Are Color Matched

To ensure that your implants just like your natural teeth, they’re color matched to the teeth that you already have. This color matching helps ensure that your implant will be completely indistinguishable from your other natural teeth.

This also means that you won’t be able to whiten your teeth, because your implant can’t be whitened. If you do whiten your teeth, the implant will remain its old color.

Ready for Implants?

If you’re ready for implants then you need to see a dental professional in Sarasota, FL. Call today to make your appointment.

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