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While the dental implant restorations attached to your post–crowns, bridges, and dentures–are not able to develop tooth decay or cavities, but they can be weakened by the bacteria that builds up in the gums. If left untreated, it could mean the loss of the implant. Because dental implants are not invulnerable, it’s important that you continue to see the dentist regularly for dental cleanings.

The health of your dental implant directly correlates to the health of your surrounding gum tissue, which is why your gums need to be cleaned daily at home and periodically by a dentist.  Over time, plaque forms around the implant restoration as it would around a natural tooth and needs to be cleaned away at home with daily brushing and flossing. During regular hygiene visits, the hygienist also removes these particles when cleaning around the implants. If plaque remains on the gums, then a periodontal infection called peri-implantitis can form around the implant, resulting in the loss of surrounding jawbone and implant failure.

As with any dental work you receive, your dental implants will last for a very long time–even a lifetime–if you care for your oral health with appropriate preventive care with continuous check-ups and avoiding harmful practices such as smoking. This preventive care is essential to your implant health.

You are welcome to ask your hygienist or Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer if there are any home care steps you should add to your oral care routine to keep your implants healthy. Call 941-256-2488 today to speak with our team at Sarasota Implant and learn more about dental implant care in Sarasota, Florida.