What is Dry Socket?   

Getting dental implants in Sarasota, FL is a popular and effective way to resolve issues with damaged or missing teeth. If one or more teeth are missing, full arch dental implants, implant-supported dentures or single tooth implants can be installed by your Sarasota dentist. Sometimes, if a tooth extraction is needed to remove a bad tooth before the dental implants can be installed, a condition known as dry socket may occur.

What is Supposed to Happen

When a bad tooth is extracted (or even if it falls out on its own), a blood clot ordinarily forms in the spot where the tooth was. This blood clot performs a valuable function, which is to protect the newly exposed nerve tissues, bone and gum tissue.

Dry Socket Problems

Without the blood clot, a condition known as dry socket occurs. The underlying tissue, bone and nerve endings are exposed, which they aren’t supposed to be. This exposure often causes pain that can get quite severe. The pain may become a throbbing, deep pain that is impossible to ignore. The pain may even radiate to the jaw, face, neck and even the ears, eyes and temple. Over the counter medications may not be strong enough to alleviate the pain. Notably, there may also be a strong, unpleasant odor associated with dry socket.

Why Does Dry Socket Happen?

Dry socket is rare. But when it does happen, common causes include brushing too hard on the area, which can cause the blood clot to become dislodged from the area. Other times, it may be because the blood clot failed to form in the first place.

How is Dry Socket Treated?

If you develop dry socket, your dentist can treat it. First, the dentist will examine the site to confirm dry socket. Then the site will be numbed. Next, the dentist will sterilize the socket and pack it with sterile gauze, along with numbing agents to aid you against further pain.

Dry socket is not an ordinary “side effect” of dental implants. It happens only to a few higher risk people and is readily treated. Your dental implant procedure can go ahead according to the schedule that your Sarasota, FL dentist has planned. Just remember that pain from dry socket is not part of the process for dental implants. Contact us right away if you experience signs of discomfort.


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