Top Reasons Why You Might Need a Bone Graft

If you have missing teeth, dental implants might be the best way to restore your smile. Since the implants anchor into your jawbone, however, you may need a bone graft first. Your Sarasota dentist will take x-rays and perform an exam to determine if you need this additional step. Although not everyone needs a bone graft before getting dental implants, it’s fairly common due to all the following reasons.

Gum Disease

When left untreated, gum disease slowly damages the periodontal tissue before moving onto the bone. As this occurs, your teeth will start to loosen, and then fall out, causing the bone degeneration to accelerate. At that point, your only way forward is through the treatment of the gum disease along with a bone graft right before getting implants.

Tooth Loss

As your teeth loosen and fall out, their absence allows the jawbone material to slowly deteriorate. Eventually, there’s not enough bone left to support dentures much less help anchor dental implants in place. Thankfully, you can have the low areas rebuilt with a bone graft, which is then preserved by replacing the missing teeth with implants.


Trauma can leave your jawbone misshapen, lacking material, and altogether unable to serve as a solid anchor for dental implants. To repair the trauma, you need to have a bone graft placed in the damaged areas and allow it to regrow. After several months, you should have enough bone material available for the implants, which will help promote even more healthy bone growth in the future.

Development Issues

Certain developmental defects can leave your natural bones narrow and weak. Through the placement of a small block of bone in the defective area, your dentist can help restore your jawbone. Over time, it will have enough new growth to support implants, making it much easier to perfect your smile.

If you’d like to learn more about replacing missing teeth with full arch dental implants in Sarasota, call 941-256-2488. We will help you find a convenient time to come into the dental clinic for a consultation. At that visit, we will assess your need for implants, let you know what to expect, and help you get scheduled for this restorative service.

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