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Dental implants are a great choice for restoring lost teeth. Their popularity keeps increasing, and it’s easy to see why. Our team is happy to talk to you about what makes dental implants great.

A dental implant is a dental procedure in which a titanium post is implanted directly into your jaw. This implant will act just like the root of your tooth. The jawbone and gum tissue will even tighten around the implant through a biological process called osseointegration. This helps to keep your jawbone strong, so your cheeks don’t droop away from the jawbone. This process also makes it so that, with proper care, an implant will last your entire life.

The offending tooth is first extracted, then the implant post will be screwed into the jawbone. When the area surrounding the implant has healed, Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer can restore your smile with a dental crown. This crown will blend in with your teeth for a fully functioning smile again.

Dental implants can do more than simply replace a missing tooth. For example, dental implants are used as anchors for partial dentures or dental bridges. These appliances work together to restore multiple missing teeth.

Are you wondering if having a dental implant is right for you? If so, schedule an appointment in Sarasota, Florida, by calling Sarasota Implant at 941-256-2488. Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer and our team are happy to help!