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If you have issues in your smile that could benefit from tooth restoration procedures such as dental implant and are on the fence about moving forward, please reconsider. While dental implants do require surgery because they are installed directly into your jawbone, your results will be worth the time and the investment. Let’s take a look!

– Because dental implants can be modified during the creation stage, they can be designed to look like your natural teeth.

– If you have lost teeth, not filling them in will cause the jawbone to weaken and deteriorate, so having a dental implant will preserve your jawbone structure.

– Missing teeth affect not just the appearance of your smile itself, but they can affect the appearance of your facial profile.

– Dental implants not only fill in an aesthetic need, but they support your oral health and stabilize your gums, preventing the surrounding teeth from shifting.

– Dental implants are attached securely into your jawbone, creating a long lasting durable hold that allows you to eat tough or hard foods, unlike dentures. 

– A smile without missing teeth actually preserves a youthful appearance, which can boost your self-confidence. 

While dental implants do require an investment of time and energy, they offer many benefits for you, both physical, mental, and for your oral health. If you are ready to learn more about how dental implants can beautify your smile, we invite you to reach out to our team at Sarasota Implant, by calling 941-256-2488. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer at our dentist office in Sarasota, Florida, and get your beautiful smile back on track!