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Is your smile damaged and broken due to various oral accidents and damage over the years? Has your smile been left with missing or lost teeth, or teeth that aged so badly they must be extracted? If so, there is still hope, as many varieties of tooth replacements are available to step up to the plate and restore your smile once more to its former magnificence, including dental implants.

The reason implants are so advantageous to your jawbone is because they are directly installed into them. If you fail to replace missing teeth, over time your jaw can weaken and decay. Fortunately, with dental implants in place, and via a bone-to-implant process known as osseointegration, not only will your jawbone strengthen, but so too can the hold between the bone and the implant.

Although dental implants are not detachable, they are extremely durable and guaranteed to hold for many meals that even denture wearers often must avoid, including tough steaks and meats. Furthermore, dental implants can last a lifetime of wear and tear. If they need to be replaced or repaired for any reason, the procedure can be done quickly and easily.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for dental implants. If you would like to know if you need dental implants, please book an oral exam with Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer and our team at Sarasota Implant at our dentist office in Sarasota, Florida, by calling us at 941-256-2488. We look forward to seeing you smile!