Can Your Body Reject Dental Implants?

Restoring your smile restores your self-confidence, and dental implants are the go-to option for many patients seeking a new smile. However, many people refrain from talking to their dentist about implants because they have heard that these prosthetics can be rejected by the body after they are placed. Is there any truth to this? Here’s what you should know if you are considering dental implants.

It is rare for dental implants to be rejected.

There are millions of dental implant surgeries performed every year, and the majority of these surgeries are successful. According to Healthline, only about five or ten percent of implants fail. Also, a few factors that can affect implant failure are things that can be controlled, such as working with an experienced cosmetic dentist and taking good care of your teeth with proper daily brushing and flossing and regular checkups. When it comes to actual rejection, the rates are even lower because the only reason your body can “reject” an implant is if you happen to be allergic to titanium, which is what the implant is made from.

Dental implant failure does not always happen right away.

Many people assume that the failure of a dental implant is something that will happen right away. However, this is not typically the case unless the implant is actually being rejected due to a titanium allergy. Most failures will happen long after the implant has been placed and the surgical site has healed. Early failure is considered any failure that takes place within three or four months. Later dental implant failure is anything beyond that time frame. Beyond implant rejection, there are only a handful of reasons an implant can fail, such as:

  • infection at the implant site
  • improper bone support
  • improper healing after placement

With the proper aftercare and vigilance about maintaining your oral health, it is less likely that you will ever have issues with your implant.

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