Can You Get Implants for a Full Row of Teeth?

Regardless of how teeth are lost, it’s always preferable to replace them. Not only will this help you speak more clearly and eat a regular diet, it’s also good for your oral health (which is good for your overall health too).

If you’re wondering if you can get implants for a full row of teeth, it may be because you’re weighing different options. We’ll look at how full arch implants in Sarasota, FL can be just what you need to improve your smile.

Can I Replace a Full Row of Teeth?

Potentially. Implants depend on the strength of your jaw and gums. A dentist will evaluate you for the procedure and make their recommendations after a full examination.

They’ll determine whether your bones will be strong enough to support the posts for the implant and where those posts could be placed during the procedure. If you’re approved, they’ll explain the details to you before moving forward with treatment. .

How Are Full Rows of Teeth Commonly Replaced?

People who want to replace all of their lower or upper teeth may look into anything from a full arch implant to dentures. The full arch will use several (typically anywhere from 4 – 6) implants to hold multiple false teeth in place.

There are a number of benefits to this option if you’re debating the best way to replace a full row of missing teeth. Instead of having to remove and clean dentures on a regular basis, you get the natural look and feel of regular teeth.

At Sarasota Implants, our staff is dedicated to providing solutions that can go the whole nine yards to treating our patients. While dentures can be an excellent alternative to implants (and again, certainly better than nothing at all), we look for enduring solutions that prioritize the patient’s quality of life.

Finding a Dentist in Sarasota, FL

When you’re searching for a dentist in Sarasota, FL, keep in mind that it helps to find someone who specializes in their field. At Sarasota Implants, our professionals have seen countless cases, giving them the expertise and experience to handle anything out of the ordinary. If you’re looking for people who will go the extra mile, contact us today.

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