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How Can I Help My New Dental Implants Succeed?

In Sarasota, dental implants are commonly used as a way to resolve problems with missing teeth. In many cases, there are underlying issues that necessitated the dental implants to begin with, such as periodontal disease. Sometimes, those underlying issues can cause complications with dental implants. This is why your Sarasota dental implant specialist insists on […]

What Causes Jawbone Loss?

Your jawbone is an integral part of your overall oral health. Your jawbone supports your teeth and gums. If your jawbone deteriorates, this can lead to loose teeth. Your Sarasota dentist will do everything within their power to help, but jawbone loss makes it challenging to have a successful dental implant. So what exactly are […]

How to Prevent Peri-Implantitis

Whether an individual is replacing a single tooth, several teeth or an entire arch of missing teeth, dental implants are the only natural-looking, permanent tooth replacement option available. Filling the gaps left behind by missing natural teeth prevents the remaining teeth from shifting. In addition, dental implants have a root, which stimulates the jawbone, preventing […]

Implant Supported Dentures: Your Questions Answered

If you have problems with typical dentures, implant-supported dentures may be a viable solution. Take a look at some of the most common questions people have about implant-supported dentures and the answers you should know before your initial consultation with a cosmetic dentist. Q. How long will it take your mouth to heal after the […]