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You may be at risk for developing periodontal gum disease and not even be aware of it. Gum disease is the process of plaque buildup in our mouths, which contain bacteria that seek to eat away the lining of the gums and the enamel in our teeth. As the tissue in our gums begins to rot, they lose the ability to hold our teeth in place, which results in tooth loss. Take the time to know what factors play a role in developing gum disease. Risks include:

– Diabetes: Diabetes increases the risk for many infectious diseases, including gum disease.

– Smoking: Smoking is considered by many dentists as one of the most significant risk factors for gum disease. Smoking also decreases treatment success rates.

– Poor Diet: Lack of proper nutrition can increase your risk of gum disease.

– Chewing Tobacco: Tobacco increases the risk of gum disease.

– Hormones: As hormones change in women and young girls, it increases the chances for gingivitis to develop, which can lead to more serious types of gum disease.

– Medications: Many medications produce a side effect of dry mouth symptoms. The lack of saliva in a person’s mouth makes them more susceptible to gum disease.

– Genetics: Genetics play a huge role in the development of gum disease. Genetics can make individuals up to six times more likely to have symptoms of the disease.

With proper oral hygiene, gum disease can be treated. If you wish to come in for an oral exam, please make an appointment with Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer by contacting our fantastic dentists at Sarasota Implant at 941-256-2488. You can also stop by our office in Sarasota, Florida. Let’s conquer gum disease together!