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Losing multiple teeth to severe tooth decay or significant dental fracture can certainly impair your ability to comfortably, and efficiently chew food. At the same time, the chronic periodontal disease can leave you with multiple teeth with severely compromised roots.

If your mouth has been significantly compromised in recent years you should consider scheduling a consultation appointment at Sarasota Implant’s dental offices.

After performing a comprehensive assessment of your remaining teeth and gums, Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer will present you with the most effective treatment plan for restoring the natural function of your mouth.

If you aren’t comfortable with the oral surgeries associated with installing multiple implant-supported bridges, Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer might recommend starting the process of fitting you for a complete denture.

This is a removable dental appliance that will replicate the basic appearance and function of natural teeth. Its base will be created from a special pink material that closely mimics the appearance of healthy gums.

After the remaining teeth have been extracted he will suture you gums make an impression of your existing gum structure. This ensures that your complete denture will closely fit the natural shape and structure of your gums for a comfortable fit.

For the first few weeks, you might want to stick to a diet of softer foods as your gums adapt to their new relationship with the complete denture.

If you live in the Sarasota, Florida, area and you have a severely compromised mouth, you should call 941-256-2488 to set up a denture consultation at Sarasota Implant.