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A tooth that has been severely compromised by periodontal infection, untreated tooth decay, or a severe dental trauma might not be viable for endodontic therapy. In a case this severe, Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer and his associates might recommend extracting whatever remains of the tooth to prevent further infection, alleviate pain, and speed the recovery process.

A dental bridge can certainly replace the physical presence and basic function of a missing tooth. However, in recent years an increasing number of people prefer dental implant restorations to fully replace a missing or extracted tooth.

The first phase of the treatment involves a minor oral surgery where a small titanium dental implant is installed into the bones. This calls for Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer to make a small incision in your gums before installing the titanium dental implant into a socket.

Titanium has a special property that allows it to gradually bond with the surrounding bone tissues. This will eventually give your dental implant a strength that rivals the original root of the tooth. Once this has occurred Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer will prepare an abutment capable of supporting a dental crown.

Once it has been cemented in place the dental crown and dental implant will comfortably replicate the original shape, strength, and function of the previously extracted tooth.

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