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Complete extraction is usually a last resort treatment for a tooth that has been severely compromised by untreated tooth decay or a severe dental trauma. After removing the tooth Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer will likely provide you with a prescription for pain medication. This will help you remain comfortable while your gums fully heal.

When you are ready he might be able to fully replace the tooth’s presence and function in your mouth with a dental implant. This implant can act as your existing tooth, giving you a strong foundation and durable option for replacing a tooth.

The process starts with Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer making a careful incision in your gums. Then he will drill a narrow channel in the underlying bone. A titanium dental implant is then screwed into place and your gums will be sutured.

Titanium has a special property, which is known as osseointegration, that allows it to fully bond with the surrounding bone tissues. This will eventually give your dental implant a strength that rivals the original root of the tooth.

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