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Poor oral hygiene practices increase the chances of bacterial tooth decay afflicting one of your teeth. This is especially concerning when it attacks one of the large molars in the back of your mouth. These teeth are primarily responsible for chewing and grinding foods. A sensitive cavity on a molar can severely limit your oral function and even increase your chances of choking when eating.

If you procrastinate seeking dental care at Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer’s Sarasota, Florida clinic, the tooth decay could slowly start to invade the root of the tooth. Should the tooth prove too severely damaged to be restored by a root canal, Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer might recommend extracting all remnants of the tooth to prevent a potential infection and cease the pain.

In some cases, a first molar can be replaced by a piece of bridgework. However, since this type of dental restoration requires a healthy tooth in front and behind, it’s not a viable option for replacing a missing rear molar.

In a situation like this, Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer might recommend having a titanium dental implant surgically inserted into the empty socket. One of the major benefits of titanium is that it will gradually bond with the surrounding bone tissues to give the implant the same strength as a natural tooth.

Once the abutment is fused in place Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer can fit you for a standard crown.

If you live in the Sarasota, Florida area and you are suffering from a decayed molar, you should call 941-256-2488 to have it treated and restored by Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer.