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A minor impairment to your ability to chew food might not be the only complication associated with tooth loss. If the missing tooth was in the front of your mouth the void could cause changes in your speech while also leaving you with an unattractive smile.

Over time the nearby teeth can start to drift out of their correct position, which can place multiple teeth at increased risk of suffering dental fractures as your bite pattern changes.

One effective way to prevent these complications is to have Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer install a dental implant into the remaining void. This involves a simple oral surgery where he inserts a small titanium dental implant into the existing bone structure

A natural process known as osseointegration will gradually bond the titanium implant to the surrounding bone tissues. In time, this will fully restore the structural integrity of the tooth’s original root.

Once this has occurred Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer can start the process of preparing an abutment with the sufficient structure to anchor a dental crown. After it has been cemented in place your newly restored root with serving you as well as the original tooth.

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