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Sometimes, people come into our office seeking to replace only one or two teeth. Perhaps they have suffered some kind of injury or excessive localized tooth decay. But other times, people require more extensive treatment to have the kind of healthy mouth they deserve. In these cases, Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer may recommend a full arch replacement.

Full arch dental implants are similar to implant-supported dentures, but instead of a removable fixture, a permanent dental bridge is employed. They are a great option for people with several missing or compromised teeth due to wear, decay, or injury. They can be used on both the upper and lower arch and can provide a lifetime of full functionality.

The process of installing a full arch dental implant involves a careful examination by Dr. Kenneth M. Schweizer to make sure there is adequate bone structure in the jaw to support multiple implant posts. If this is determined to be the case, treatment is begun as soon as possible.

In addition to replacing missing and compromised teeth, a full arch dental implant helps maintain the shape and appearance of your face. It also prevents the bone loss associated with missing teeth. It can provide a lifetime of comfortable speaking, eating, and of course, smiling.

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